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Our Warehousing Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Storage and warehousing are essential components of your business operations. The right storage will provide you with the protection, organization and preservation capabilities your products need to reach the end user in good condition.

Flagship Logistics Group has over 30+ years of experience working as a nationwide logistics and warehousing provider. With the help of our affiliate, Desert Premium Logistics, we offer food-grade and organic-certified dry and cold storage warehousing in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Our Cold Storage Facilities

Businesses working closely with perishable items rely on cold storage warehousing to protect and preserve their goods on the way to market. Cold storage facilities keep the internal environment at a specific temperature to prolong product shelf life and maintain the quality of various items.

Often, these services are most utilized by those within the food industry requiring food-grade assistance storing meats, seafood, produce, dairy and more. Other areas like the pharmaceutical industry or art world also need help handling sensitive products like medicine or paintings.

However, not all sensitive goods require the same cold temperatures, calling for two types of cold storage practices. These include:

  • Refrigerated storage: Maintains temperatures around 35 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which proves to be ideal for fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy and more.
  • Frozen storage: Regulates temperatures to stay below freezing — up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit for goods like meats and produce.

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Dry Storage Warehouse Capabilities

Dry storage focuses on storing goods in a controlled environment to preserve their integrity and maintain a suitable shelf life, ensuring they reach the market in good condition. While these foods and products may not require the freezing environments others do, a regulated temperature is essential to their preservation. Successful dry storage warehouses come with controls to limit humidity and moisture while simultaneously offering protection from the elements and animals.

Many companies use these warehouses to store non-perishable food items such as bottled drinks, canned foods and grains. However, they’re also ideal for companies outside the food industry that need reliable and regulated product warehousing.

Cross Dock Warehouse Locations

Cross docking keeps your products on the move, decreasing storage costs and getting goods to the end user quickly and efficiently. Rather than spending extended time in a warehouse, your goods are handled and organized on the receiving dock and swiftly placed on an outgoing truck to continue the journey. Since cross-country shipments may not be too affected by spending more time in a warehouse, this limited practice is an excellent strategy for destinations close to the facility.

These services reduce supply chain costs tied to storage space and handling labor, freeing up capital you can use elsewhere. Since items spend reduced time in storage, cross docking can speed up deliveries and turnaround times while decreasing chances of damage and improving customer satisfaction.

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Hear From Our Customers

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Flagship Logistics Groups - Desert Premium Logistics is my first call when looking for Frozen or Dry warehousing, Cross-docking and Distribution, Pick/Pack and FTL/LTL moves and other Warehouse / Transportation solutions… with their attention to detail, solid processes, and willingness to come in for after-hours orders…In this business, you only hear about the bad shipments but [with Flagship Logistics as our] 3PL I don’t hear a thing.

J.T., Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
PAC World Wide
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How Can Flagship Logistics Group Help You?

At Flagship Logistics Group, we’re committed to your business’s success. We offer supply chain solutions to food industry manufacturers, distributors and retailers across the country. Our specialists have years of experience providing customized services to fit your needs and enhance your business operations. We’ll take care of everything from maintaining inventory and fulfilling orders to scheduling carriers and tracking shipments, so you can focus on what’s important.

Your days of working with multiple warehousing providers are over. Since Desert Premium Logistics offers both cold and dry storage in Albuquerque and also maintain capital for Build-to-Suit capabilities, we can give you exactly what you’re looking for to provide a full-scale service that goes above and beyond. Or, if you’re looking to speed up your time to market, we offer cross docks in Albuquerque and throughout the country to move your goods from one truck to another and successfully optimize your supply chain in no time.

Our multi-temperature facilities hold all the required certifications, including ISO, SQF, AIB and FDA Organic, so you can rest easy knowing your goods are in capable hands. Plus, with our state-of-the-art warehouse management (WMS) system, asset-based third-party logistics and inventory management procedures, you can count on transparent, professional and detailed service from our team.

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Flagship Logistics Group strives to be North America’s go-to logistics company, focusing on customer-centric and unique solutions at the most competitive prices. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to streamline your supply chain with our comprehensive cold storage warehousing services, designed to take some of the weight off your shoulders.

We can’t wait to become your warehousing partner to help your business thrive. If you’re interested in any of our dry, frozen or refrigerated storage services in Albuquerque, call our team at 505.659.8105 or contact us online for more information.