All rates provided here are for indicated line charges for current equipment available and, unless noted otherwise, include fuel. Rates are subject to change based on fuel charges and equipment availability. The rates do not include any lumpers or accessorial charges that may be incurred during shipment and will be invoiced to the customer. 


Flagship Logistics Group carriers strive to provide superior customer service. Although we do our best to meet appointment times and requested arrival dates, there will always be occasional problems due to unforeseen traffic & weather, excessive unloading times, equipment breakdowns, holidays etc. LTL trucking distribution is not a guaranteed industry, and unfortunately, we do not have much control over these issues. Therefore, Flagship Logistics Group carriers cannot make service guarantees on any freight. Flagship Logistics Group carriers will also not be responsible for payment of consignee fines or late fees and will be invoiced to the customer. If you have time-sensitive freight, we suggest moving that shipment as a truckload being that LTL delivery dates are not guaranteed.

Cancelled orders…

…require a 48-hour notice before truck departure to avoid TONU charges that could amount to the original rate of the order.


…agrees that in the event of a claim the customers goods will be limited to a maximum cargo liability as published in either the carrier’s tariff or in absence of a published tariff, the motor carrier’s maximum cargo insurance coverage at the time of the shipment.