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Flagship Logistics Group

Flagship Logistics Group is committed to forming lasting relationships and providing services you can trust. We are an industry-leading logistics provider affiliated with Desert Premium Logistics, working under the national brand of Flagship Premium Food Group. We offer unique and reliable supply chain solutions, temperature-controlled transportation, less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping and multi-temperature warehousing to distributors, manufacturers and retailers in the food industry.

Learn how our 30+ years of experience can streamline your warehousing and logistics operations.


Flagship Logistics Group provides flexible and professional asset-based third-party logistics (3PL) solutions to simplify your daily business operations.

Supply chain management can become complicated when you want to expand operations. Outsourcing to us will ease your operational pressure and assist with storage and fulfillment. You partner with us, and we take care of warehousing, inventory and final-mile delivery.

Flagship Logistics Group has decades of experience and is committed to boosting supply chain efficiency for manufacturers, retailers and distributors within the food industry.

Our transparent management systems will give detailed inventory and provide peace of mind in knowing your products’ location and status. We will meticulously store your products and transport them quickly.

Our Team

John Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer Since 2020

Jennifer Jeans

Vice President of Sales / Transportation Since 2008

Susan Tschida

Senior Accountant - Controller Since 2020

Stephen Cummings

Vice President of Warehousing Since 2023

Christopher Zelenko

Special Projects Manager Since 2022

Keri McLaughlin

Lead Client Service Representative Since 1995

Becky Cottrell

Client Service Representative Since 2010

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Joni Pesek

Client Service Representative Since 2000

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Linda Partyka

Client Service Representative Since 2018

Teresa Karels

Client Service Representative Since 2017

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Diane Feld

Sales Account Manager Since 2002

Anna Boleen

Sales Administrator Since 2012

Karla Alojado

Administrative Assistant Since 2012

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Denise Jennrich

Accounting Assistant Since 2021

Kim Jadinak

Carrier Compliance Since 2011

Sue Dimitracopoulos

Software Support Specialist Since 2008



Storage and warehousing are vital components of your operations. You require storage that will provide protection, organization and preservation so that your products reach the next destination.

We provide food-grade cold and dry storage solutions in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Our seasoned specialists provide customized solutions for maintaining inventory, fulfilling orders, scheduling carriers and tracking shipments. You no longer have to deal with multiple warehousing providers — we offer dry and cold storage, maintain capital for Build-to-Suit and provide cross docking to optimize your supply chain.

Our multi-temperature warehouses maintain ISO, AIB and SQF certifications, and our innovative warehouse management systems render detailed, transparent and professional service. These state-of-the-art facilities and procedures mean you can rest assured that your goods are in capable hands.

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Benefits of Partnering With Warehousing and Logistics Experts

Flagship Logistics Group is dedicated to and passionate about establishing, developing and launching effective services. Our commitment to forming lasting relationships and hiring innovative teams and talent ensures you benefit from partnering with us.

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We Invest in Your Success

Our dedicated team helps you achieve your goals through 98% on-time final-mile delivery services.

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We Customize to Fit Your Needs

We strive to provide intimate and personalized service, tailoring solutions to meet your specific goals.

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We Offer Industry-Leading Services

Flagship Logistics Group provides comprehensive services for food companies to help drive their bottom line.

Partner With Us to Optimize Your Operations

If you want to streamline your business operation, Flagship Logistics Group’s team of experts can provide your company with smooth sailing to the final mile. Our decades of experience, constant innovation and leading management systems will assist you. As an industry leader, we ensure our temperature-controlled transport and multi-temperature warehousing are trustworthy. Contact our specialists to learn about optimizing your warehouse and logistics operations.

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