The Cost-Effective Benefits of LTL Freight
December 21, 2023

When companies only have a few shipments to deliver or are managing the trickle of slower seasons, less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is the solution. LTL shipping allows you to send products out more frequently, using only part of the space available in a truck. This arrangement lets the shipper haul pallets from several sources, resulting in better costs for you and improved delivery speeds for your consignees.

The benefits of LTL shipping can save you time and money while delivering your products as safely and effectively as full truckload (FTL) endeavors. Explore some of the top-cited reasons people choose to ship through Flagship Logistic Group’s LTL shipping services today.

Cost Sharing

Perhaps the largest benefit of LTL shipping is the reduced cost. Paying for the transportation of a full truckload of products can cost thousands of dollars per trip, between costs for the truck, driver, fuel and other factors. When you choose LTL, you split those costs with others transporting their products.

So, how much does LTL shipping cost? LTL shipping companies may charge by weight or by mileage. When charging by weight, pricing can start at $50 per hundred pounds, though the cost may decrease per pound with heavyweight shipping. The average LTL cost per mile usually starts between $2-3 per mile.

Improved Time Estimates

LTL shipping can reduce shipping times for smaller shipments that would take longer to fill an entire truck. Your business becomes more competitive as a result, serving consignees with efficient shipping estimates and turnarounds. When you’re shipping and storing goods that require dry and frozen services, that time is precious and could mean less product waste.

More Shipping Options

One of the other benefits of LTL shipping is the flexibility it offers in your pickup and delivery options. Because you must schedule LTL shipments with a third party in advance, you have more control over when your pallets get picked up.

Working with a professional transportation team offers you specialized knowledge and equipment. They may be able to load, unload and secure your boxes more effectively and navigate challenging road conditions more easily.

Site Sustainability

When contemplating how to send anything less than a full truckload of product, there’s no competition — LTL shipping is significantly more eco-friendly than sending out a half-full truck to complete your shipments. Using a third-party shipment team to send your pallets out with other products reduces your carbon footprint. The less fuel used and fewer trucks you need on the road can help you and your consignee feel better about their purchase.

Request Less-Than-Truckload Shipping From Flagship Logistics Group

At Flagship Logistics Group, we’re prepared to take on any of your shipments, whatever their size. Our less-than-truckload and full-truckload shipping options include temperature-controlled trucks capable of keeping your products safe and fresh wherever you’re shipping to. Plus, our trucks are managed by professionals who know how to take care when moving essential equipment.

Throughout our years in the industry, we’ve optimized every shipment, implementing advances such as real-time monitoring and driving technology that helps us anticipate delays and avoid them at all costs. Connect with one of our transportation managers today and request the dedicated service you need to keep your shipments moving around the clock.


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