Safe Summer Shipping: Advanced Refrigeration for Perishables
June 27, 2024
A grocery store aisle with three people shopping. Overhead is the logo of Flagship Logistics Group, showing their branding in the store.

Shipping reefer (refrigerated) products during the warmer weather season presents unique challenges due to the increased temperatures and potential for heat-related spoilage. However, with advanced technology and strategic planning, you can ensure that your temperature-sensitive goods reach their destination in perfect condition.

Temperature-controlled LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) transportation is a specialized cold chain logistics solution designed to meet the unique needs of temperature-sensitive freight. This service is ideal for businesses that require refrigerated transportation without a full truckload. With reefer LTL transportation, you can ensure your products arrive fresh and intact, regardless of the distance.


Key Strategies for Reefer Shipping:

  1. Advanced Refrigeration Technology:
    • State-of-the-Art Chilled Shipping: Carrier reefer trucks are equipped with advanced refrigeration units capable of maintaining precise temperature control, even in extreme summer heat.
    • Regular Maintenance: Trucking companies perform regular maintenance and checks of our refrigeration units, preventing breakdowns and ensuring consistent performance.
  2. Optimized Route Planning:
    • Efficient Routing: The dispatch team plan the most efficient routes to minimize transit time and reduce exposure to high external temperatures.
    • Strategic Stops: The carriers scheduled, strategic stops ensure the reefer units function correctly, especially on longer routes.
  3. Proper Packaging:
    • Insulated Containers: Manufacturers often use high-quality, insulated packaging materials to provide an extra layer of protection against external temperatures.
    • Temperature-Controlled Loading Docks: Temperature-controlled loading docks maintain the cold chain during the loading and unloading processes of perishable products.
  4. Experienced Handling:
    • Trained Personnel: Our trained personnel understand the intricacies of handling reefer products and maintaining the cold chain.
    • Standard Operating Procedures: The dock workers adhere to strict SOPs for loading, unloading, and handling to minimize temperature fluctuations.

Two people standing in a grocery store, examining and discussing details on a clipboard next to a display of fresh lettuce in wooden crates.


  • Quality Assurance: The integrity and quality of perishable food products are maintained, ensuring they arrive fresh and safe for consumption.
  • Reduced Spoilage: Effective temperature control significantly reduces the risk of spoilage, saving costs and preventing waste.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Reliable delivery of fresh, temperature-sensitive products enhances customer trust and satisfaction.


  • Food and Beverage: Perfect for transporting dairy, meats, seafood, and beverages that require consistent refrigeration.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Essential for shipping temperature-sensitive medications, vaccines, and other medical supplies.


A white cargo truck drives on a nearly empty highway with green grass on either side, under bright sunlight.Shipping reefer products in the summer demands attention to detail and the use of advanced technology. By partnering with Flagship Logistics for refrigerated shipping, you can ensure that your temperature-sensitive products are delivered in optimal condition, regardless of the summer heat.

Chilled and Frozen LTL transportation is the smart choice for businesses looking to transport perishable goods efficiently and reliably. Trust our expertise and state-of-the-art technology to deliver your temperature-sensitive freight with the care it deserves.


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