How to Ship Your Products to Trade Shows
May 24, 2023

Trade Show Logistics

Trade shows are the ultimate way to network with industry professionals and potential partners. Extensive planning and organization are critical components when shipping to trade shows. Whether you need exhibit materials shipped by pallet delivery to events, fairs, retail trade shows or conventions, you require an expert partner for quick, safe and reliable delivery.

Trade Show Logistics Services

Tips for Shipping Exhibition Materials

To ensure your trade show exhibit is a success, remember to account for:

  • Packaging: Your items must be appropriately packaged when shipping to and from the trade show venue. Partnering with an experienced logistics company will ensure your materials arrive safely and your exhibition is ready for potential clients.
  • Shipping procedures: For a smooth shipment, it’s important to follow any guidelines or restrictions for the specific trade show or region you are shipping to. Knowing crucial marshalling yard details upfront will save you time and streamline your trade show freighting.
  • Tracking: Clear tracking of your trade show items helps you stay informed at all times.

Preparing for Common Trade Show Freight Issues

Trade show freighting is complex, and it’s essential to avoid these common pitfalls:

  • Labeling: Many trade shows provide details so that consignees know exactly where your goods must be shipped and taken to at the venue. It’s important that this information is displayed on pallets and shipping items.
  • Incomplete information: Your shipments should list all relevant information, including building name, full event name and booth number. Ensure all the details are clear and complete for seamless delivery.
  • No dedicated contact person: Include the full contact information of the on-site consignee and coordinators. The shipper may call this contact person to clarify any details.
  • Incorrect delivery information: Trade shows have various docks to allow exhibitors easy access to their booths. Not including the delivery entrance may delay your shipment from arriving.
  • Late arrivals: Trade shows have strict timeframes to ensure smooth operation. You must be within the shipment window to be able to participate. As a result, it’s vital to arrange delivery early in the process with a dependable freight company.

Logistics Services With 98% On-Time Delivery

Why Choose an Experienced Freight Company for Your Trade Show?

Flagship Logistics Group understands the care and planning that goes into any trade show. Customers appreciate our:

  • Service excellence: Best-in-class customer service is our specialty. We support you from door to floor during trade shows and beyond.
  • Detailed tracking: We offer precise monitoring and barcoding, keeping you in the loop.
  • Knowledge and experience: With over 30 years of experience, we can simplify your trade show shipping.
  • On-time delivery: Flagship Logistics Group is known for dependability and 98% on-schedule shipping.

Flagship Logistics Group are your freight coordinators for trade shows and more

Flagship Logistics Group — Your Freight Coordinators for Trade Shows and More

Flagship Logistics Group has over 30 years of industry experience. Our customer-centric approach makes us the reliable choice for shipping products, marketing materials and more to any trade show.

We offer high-quality service, emergency shipment and advanced tracking for seamless shipping. Contact us online or call 763.951.7754 for trade show freight services you can trust.


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